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Hi guys! I didn’t plan to go MIA but blogging just doesn’t seem to work out when we’re dealing with an extra fussy baby. Matilda may be having some acid reflux issues so I’m going to call the doctor in the morning. It’s exhausting for all parties involved!

I just looked over my meals from today and they were all rather brown/beige…not a good thing! I need a nice green juice in my life!

Breakfast was simple but actually something to get excited about…an english muffin (not the exciting part) and Oikos keylime greek yogurt (yup, there it is). So delicious. I’m sure it’s made with whole milk since it’s so creamy but I don’t really care. Winking smile I might need to make a special trip to the store just to restock.



During a too short nap I threw together a sandwich: buffalo chicken with lettuce and half an avocado.


I actually managed to get a little work done while she napped, but not nearly enough to get caught up! I have a small bookkeeping business that I run from home and the end of the year is coming quickly! I think some late nights are going to be necessary…

I made an iced coffee for an afternoon jolt, and snacked on some cantaloupe. Have you tried this instant iced coffee from Starbucks? I’ve had it sitting in my purse for months…it’s not very good.



Dinner was quick and…beige! Waffles with butter and syrup…tasty, tasty!


I’m ready to crawl into bed! Things will get better, right?? I think I need a nice, long run tomorrow…


Hi all!

Matilda is still sick…she’s been fighting a fever today but it’s not too high so hopefully it’ll go away soon! I feel so bad for her! She was up every couple of hours last night so we got off to a slow start this morning.

Happily playing after a dose of medicine!


When we finally sat down to eat breakfast it was 11:00 and I was starving. Reid whipped up a fresh juice for me (he stuck with coffee Winking smile) while I manned the stove. What a guy!


Apple, carrot, spinach, and cucumber…it was amazing.

I made us eggs, bacon, and hash browns…they were equally delicious.


Topped it off with some of this!


So good.

We’ve just been hanging out at home…I convinced Reid to finally paint the office/den! The Eighties called and wanted their paneling back.


We got one coat of primer on and called it a day. I hate painting! Hopefully we can get it done quickly, though, because our living room currently looks like this.


It’s a bad situation.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Hey guys! I’m dealing with a sick baby over here…poor thing has a nasty cold (stuffy nose, hoarse voice, and goopy eyes…the works!).

I’ll be back tomorrow as long as she’s feeling better!

Enjoy your day!

I ended up getting a bad headache last night so I didn’t get around to blogging. We just hung out around the house…not very exciting!

We are very low on groceries (I’m not sure we have even one slice of bread) so I made some eggs and hash browns. I picked these up to make for Reid during the week but they take a while to cook, and who feels like spending an extra 10 minutes on potatoes at 5:30 in the morning? Not me.


It was good, but greasy. 😉 I’m still not hungry 5 hours later…

Matilda and I hung out, played a little, and then it was bath time and nap time. Love baby toes!


I think she’s outgrowing her tub. 😦

I quickly whipped up the cake part of a pumpkin roll while she was sleeping…it smells delicious. And yes, I love pumpkin everything and get my fair share in this time of year.


Side note: does anyone else have this measuring cup?? It has just about every measurement you could ever need and it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. I love it for stuff like pumpkin, ketchup, oil or honey since you just push the bottom up to get it out, rather than having to scrape out a measuring cup. My mom had one and I found this one at a garage sale…it’s probably an antique.


I pulled out the juicer so I think a fresh juice will serve as lunch…I need to balance out my greasy breakfast! I’m thinking carrot, apple, and spinach sounds good…then it’s off to the grocery store!

See you later!

Happy Friday! We had a good night last night so hopefully a good day will follow! I got up with Reid at 5:30 and made him breakfast, and then climbed back into bed and Matilda woke me up at 8:30. That extra hour was glorious.

I decided I needed some pumpkin pancakes but was too lazy to fully make them from scratch. I pulled out a boxed mix that I’ve had for a while and added a scoop of pumpkin and some spices!




They were really thick and one was plenty! I topped it with some butter and syrup.


Homemade would’ve obviously been better but it was still yummy.


After I ate we bundled up and headed out with the jogging stroller. We have the Joovy Zoom and I love it! It’s the only one I’ve ever used so I have nothing to compare it to but it’s a smooth ride and easy to steer. I love that the sun shade comes down really low.


I also love the neoprene drink holder! It holds everything snugly.


Snug as a bug! She loves it.


We did two miles and called it a day. It was super hilly so I got an upper body workout at the same time! I’ve only used the jogging stroller a couple times (6 months is the recommended age; we are a couple weeks shy but Matilda has really good head control and I’m not exactly moving very fast 😉 ) but I can tell it’s going to take a while to get used to. It’s hard to keep a good form!

Any tips for running with a stroller?

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