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Hi guys! Hope you’re having a great week!

I woke up to a rainy day and kind of just wanted to stay in bed! The thought of coffee got me up…it always does! My breakfast and lunch packed up for the office…


Cottage cheese, pineapple chunks, and an iced coffee for breakfast. A salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, half an avocado and some turkey. Honey balsamic dressing. Water. This has been the usual lately…easy to throw together and nutritious!

Trying to get an outfit shot quickly and while half asleep…hello, there! Open-mouthed smile


It was still raining when I got home so I decided to head to the gym for some treadmill time. I grabbed a few crackers and a few bites of cheesecake, straight from the pan. Perfect fuel, no? Winking smile

And even though I was just headed to the gym and not out for a rainy run, I still sported my new running jacket that I picked up from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. Safety yellow is totally my color…


It’s Nike and really lightweight…I love it! It will be great for when the weather cools (as an outer shell) and the days get shorter. No safety vest needed!


At the gym I ran three miles on the treadmill and did a short weight session. Nothing crazy but it still felt great!

It also felt great to step on the scale and see that I was down eight (!!) pounds from a few weeks ago! I try not to weigh myself often but I do like to do it every now and then just to make a note. I have some weight to lose but don’t really focus on it too much (I don’t diet), especially when training.

A few weeks ago I stepped on to see that I was up a few pounds and I was kind of disappointed. Reid commented that of course I had gained weight…I hadn’t been to the gym or out for a run in almost a month! Thanks, dear! Winking smile But in reality he was right and I didn’t let it get me down, I just changed things. More workouts, healthier meals! I don’t think the scale is ‘all-important’ but I do think it has its place, whether you’re trying to gain weight, lose it, or maintain!

Once home I threw together a quick dinner, chicken lo mein.


It was actually really good and I’ll share the recipe soon!


You may have noticed that my recipe page is down right now…I’m making some changes to how I share recipes so I took it down while I figure some things out. You can still find recipes by using the search feature in the sidebar.

Enjoy your evening!!

Did anyone else get a workout in today?

What is your favorite salad dressing…store-bought and/or homemade?


Hi guys! Hope you’re having a good day!

I slept in a little this morning since, as I tweeted last night, I was vacuuming and mopping at 9:30 pm! That’s what a late night (8:00) coffee will do to you! Smile Not that it was a bad thing but I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

I decided to do a little shopping today so I showered right after I got up and headed out, grabbing a bagel and coffee from Dunkin Donuts on my way. We are really low on groceries so nothing in my kitchen sounded good.

I dropped off a huge bag of clothes at a consignment shop and had a return at TJ Maxx and a gift card to Target so those were my stops. We are on a strict budget lately so I was trying not to spend any money…almost made it! Winking smile 

My TJ’s finds…I spent $25 but it was store credit.


Bowls!! Aren’t they cute? Only a food blogger would buy random dishes…I’m in love with them.


I also picked up a bamboo cutting board and little white tray-like plate.


At Target I had a gift card but did end up spending a little over ($30)…not bad for everything I got!

A rug to go right inside our front door…we need something really flat since the door is really low. This one is going back. It just looks really cheap (and it was…only $12.99). I think it ‘s the edges that do it…oh well!


A new bathing suit…I pieced it together since they didn’t have anymore bottoms to go with the top. The white and gold ones were on the sale rack for $10. I have some other bottoms that I’m planning on wearing with the top as well (hot pink, off-white, gray striped). It’s so versatile and flattering!


Workout clothes…finally! I was in desperate need. Two tanks and a skirt (with shorts underneath). I was a little on the fence about the skirt but it is so comfy! It’s for running but I’ll probably wear it to Zumba. Lots of gray!


And I definitely just had to look up gray vs. grey because I couldn’t remember which one was right…well, they both are! Open-mouthed smile

And last but not least, this metal vase…


It’s actually a lantern (you put a candle in it) but the bottom is missing so it was on sale for $7.49 (from $29.99).


Score! I’ll probably buy some silk flowers for it at some point.

Whew! Quite the haul, and mostly “free”!

I was planning to use the leftover quinoa from last night but wasn’t all that hungry…instead I made sunflower seed butter and raspberry jam toast.


Does someone what to go grocery shopping for me?? Please? Smile

And fun purchases/deals lately?

Good morning!

I woke up this morning wanting something cool and refreshing…but was too lazy to make a smoothie! Big effort, I tell ya! I settled for some cereal instead.


Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries and fresh blueberries (organic fat-free milk added after). I should’ve stuck to Cheerios since this was pretty sweet.

The hand carved spoon that I bought at the farmers market yesterday…how cute is it? I switched to a metal spoon after a few bites, though…it just felt weird. Winking smile I’m sure it will be great for oatmeal!


And my daily iced coffee! Yum.


Well, I’m busy sorting through clothes to consign! I really have a hard time parting with clothes…it’s a problem.

Do you tend to hold on to clothes for a while or do you weed through them regularly?

I’m trying to stick to the “if you haven’t worn it in a year” rule but some things I just can’t part with. I’m finding a bunch of old t-shirts from high school…do I really need that field hockey camp shirt from 2005? Probably not.

When it comes to my personal style, I pull inspiration from many sources. Whether it be other blogs (Cupcakes and Cashmere and 9 to 5 Chic are my favorites right now) websites (, magazines (People Style Watch is one of my favorites), or random people on the street, I love seeing different trends and outfit combos, and how people dress to compliment their body type.

I feel like how we dress is another form of expressing our creativity and I love coming up with different outfits, usually using some of the same pieces.


I like to think my style runs towards classic with a twist. I love finding pieces that I can wear for years, but also like to throw in a trendy item here and there. Some things I’m loving right now are loose button-ups, thin cardigans, dark skinny jeans, gold accessories, cuffed denim, stripes, and wedges.

When it comes to celebrities, I think I pull the most inspiration from Reese Witherspoon. She always looks so chic, wearing mostly classic and timeless pieces, yet even when following trends always looks so effortless and beautiful. My bangs were even inspired by one of her hairstyles!

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon


I love a bargain and normally won’t buy anything for full price. I do splurge a bit on designer denim but usually make up for it by being frugal in other areas. I am more likely to spend a bit more on something that I will wear for a while (like jeans and handbags) than something that may be ‘out’ by the end of the month. I don’t always follow trends but when I do, I tend to look to stores like Forever 21 since they are usually cheap enough to warrant only a few wears of a certain trendy item. Thrift stores are great too!


Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21 (last year)

I have to remind myself sometimes that even if I like the look of something, I need to stay true to my body type. One example: rompers. I love them and think they look great on others but they do nothing to compliment my thighs. 🙂 If I’m not confident in an outfit, it definitely shows…and it’s not worth it!

Do you have a celebrity style inspiration? Are there any trends that you shy away from?

Hi guys! I had the day off today so I got to sleep in a little bit. It’s funny how “sleeping in” means 7:00 now…am I finally growing up? 😉

We planned to do some P90X at 7:30 but I really was not in the mood for it and knew that I wouldn’t put in an honest effort. So I decided to skip the workout and get on with my day. Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

I cleaned up a little and threw together some breakfast. No, that’s not dog food, but rather Kashi honey roasted oat cereal (milk added after). It kind of tasted like pet food on the first bite (not that I would know what it tastes like) but wasn’t too bad after a few more bites. A huge orange was enjoyed on the side.


I decided to head to the mall to look for some Easter clothes for Reid and me (Reid and I? I always forget which one it is) so I quickly showered and headed out. It was so windy today! It was almost blowing me off the highway…

A successful trip! I got an outfit for Reid, as well as a few random shirts, and a few items for myself.


A striped boatneck long sleeved shirt from H&M, a black dress from Gap, and a mint green sweater and skinny leather belt from J. Crew…all on sale, of course.



I also picked up this bag at J. Crew…it was on mega clearance and I just couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been wanting a larger cross-body bag for a while but this one might be too big…I really want to be able to fit my SLR in my bag! It would definitely fit in this one…


It’s hard to get a picture of it but the top folds down more…it has two small handles (the studded parts) on top so you can carry it that way too. I’ll have to wear it around a little more but it might be going back…

On the way home I grabbed my favorite sandwich from Twelve Pine…the smokehouse panini (turkey, spinach, cheese, apple, candied pecans, and spicy mustard on wheat). I really need to just make this at home already.


Some cheddar bunnies were nibbled on the side because I’m like, five.


A delightful lunch! It was eaten a bit late, though, so I probably ruined my appetite for dinner…oh well. Ice cream will always work. 🙂

Peace out!

Any favorite panini combos that I should try?

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