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I hope everyone is safe and sound!! We were very lucky and didn’t lose power at all, though people in the surrounding towns are still in the dark. I woke up this morning to the sun shining! It was a welcome sight.

Lunch and dinner yesterday weren’t anything special but they were good!

A honey mustard crispy chicken salad…


And four cheese ravioli with marinara. Both were premade for a quick and easy dinner. I didn’t really want to start making something and then lose power. Or that’s just the excuse I used to be lazy. 😉


Mint chocolate chip ice cream and a chocolate for dessert. The green kind, since the white kind just doesn’t taste as good.


I was kind of hoping to lose power so I had an excuse to eat the entire carton of ice cream for dinner…though we have a generator, so there’s that.

Matilda slept for almost 13 hours last night (a record) and we both woke up around 9…I think she likes sleep as much as I do! It’ll come back to bite us when we have to get her up for school. I think it’s also a guarantee that any future children will be up every hour for at least two years.

I made a sweet and salty breakfast of an english muffin with butter and greek yogurt with chocolate chips. Yeah, I could probably find a healthier topping but this is just so delicious!


If you’re in the area, do you have power? Any home damage?


What a long day! We didn’t really do much but I’m still exhausted. She may be small but she has lots of energy, and a screech that I’m sure the neighbors can hear!


I ran some errands this morning and grabbed a coffee…pumpkin with milk! I have to get my fill while it’s around…so good.


For lunch I made some brown rice (in the microwave…I don’t recommend it) and added leftover beans from dinner last night. Umm, it sounded good in my head. It wasn’t. But I still ate it.


I had some dark chocolate chips for dessert. So addicting!


I wanted to get a run in today but the afternoon got away from me and before I knew it, it was getting dark. I got some cleaning done during naptime and made a quick dinner of chicken caesar salads (with a side of bad lighting).


Matilda is finally sleeping (she has been fighting it so much lately) and we’re watching the finale of the first season of The Newsroom. Have you watched this show?? It’s the best.

Tomorrow I will get a workout in! Hold me to it! 🙂

Matilda’s sleeping so I have a few minutes to spare…there isn’t a ton of down time these days so the blog has been a little neglected. I have something more important to tend too… Winking smile




She is growing so fast! Four months old already and I’ve packed away a bunch of clothes that she’s outgrown. Sad smile I’m going back to work this week (part-time) and while I’m not really looking forward to leaving her, I’m so thankful to have had such a long maternity leave. My cousin will be watching her and I know she’ll be fine but I’m still a little nervous about it all.

It’s so fun to watch her change, though. She’s smiling and cooing all the time and sleeps through the night, though that’ll probably change once she starts teething…not exactly looking forward to that!

Meals these days are a lot simpler, since I usually only have about 15-20 minutes to whip something up. Now that it’s cooling off I’ll definitely be using the crockpot a lot more.

This afternoon we made some spicy Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions from our garden. Served on toasted sourdough buns with melted fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of Italian dressing, these were quick, easy, and super delicious.





Just like the fair and perfect for the holiday weekend!

And…she’s awake. Smile Enjoy your Sunday!

Hi guys! Yes, I am alive.

It’s been really busy around here and I just haven’t felt very inspired. I really hate to blog just for the sake of posting something so I chose to just wait it out. Hopefully I haven’t lost all of you!! Smile

Today was just a perfect Fall day…not too chilly but on the cooler side, and sunny. After church we stopped to grab coffee and then came back home to make some grilled cheese and soup.



It was a perfect fit for a lazy afternoon.



I’m planning on going for a walk in a little bit, which I’ve actually been doing quite a bit lately. It’s been the perfect way to de-stress after a busy day…

And why have I been so busy? I’m starting up my own business! Yeah, it’s pretty crazy and came about really quickly, but I’m so excited. God is working out all of the details and He is just so good! Smile It’s a bookkeeping service and I’ve already got a couple of clients! The nerd in me just loves this type of thing so it’s right up my alley. I’m still keeping my other jobs and this will just be supplemental. Busy times will continue!


I even got some ‘nerd’ glasses yesterday. I’ve been seeing them on a lot of fashion blogs (my recent obsession is The Daybook) and I love them! I want some black ones too.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Any business advice you’d like to share?

Or maybe a soup recipe? Smile 

I’m always looking for new ones to try!

Hi friends! I’m definitely doing a Friday dance over here! Applefest is tomorrow!!

This week has been pretty chill, with a 3 mile run on Monday and two miles on Wednesday. I’ve been trying to hydrate really well and I’m going to have a nice stretch session in a little bit.


I’ve been carbo-loading today, even though I probably do that everyday. Winking smile I had a bagel for breakfast and a turkey sub for lunch. The whole thing somehow disappeared…


Must’ve been really hungry because it was huge! Energy!

Since I didn’t really follow my training schedule for this race (due to being super busy…not really an excuse though) I haven’t been looking forward to the race. I’ve had to adjust my goals and I have no plans on PRing.

Well, today it finally sunk in that I’m running my third half marathon tomorrow and I got really excited (and a little nervous)! Both my dad and brother are running, as well as a few other people we know (Hi Brittany! Smile), so it’s going to be a blast, no matter my pace and finish time! The temps are looking like they’ll be almost perfect at 60-65. Rain is predicted so it will be interesting. Bring on the hills!

I’m just getting my stuff together and might run to get my packet tonight. I need to get some GU’s too…nothing like last minute! I always put everything I’ll need for the race in a pile the night before. Sometimes I even make a list first so I won’t forget anything! I sleep so much better this way…


Just the beginning…fuel belt, clothes, and my Garmin (fully charged). Trust me, it will grow. I even set out my underwear! Yeah, I know.

I wore my CamelBak for this race last year but I felt like it made me too hot so I’ve decided to stick with the ever-stunning fuel belt.

Since Reid isn’t coming I won’t have anyone to take pictures so I’ll probably just carry my point and shoot camera in my belt and take pictures myself…hopefully it won’t be too heavy! Also, I think that headphones and iPods are actually allowed this year! I can’t find anything about it on the website and last year it was everywhere that they were absolutely not allowed. I may bring it just in case, though I don’t need it anymore.

Here we go!! Open-mouthed smile

Anyone else racing this weekend (or soon)? Have you read (or written) an inspiring race recaps lately? Share a link!

Meghann’s recap of her half Ironman last weekend really started to pump me up for this race! So inspiring!

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