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Hi friends! Any big plans for the weekend? I’ve had to work for the past few Saturdays so I’m excited that I have today off.

Why is it that I drag myself out of bed every weekday morning but on the weekends I can’t sleep in?? I have been really tired lately so I planned on sleeping in as long as I could. Well, my eyes popped open at 7:00 and I couldn’t fall back asleep.

I decided to take advantage of it and headed to the gym for an early morning run. It was pretty chilly outside and I didn’t feel like dealing with a jacket, tights, gloves, a head warmer, and a runny nose so the treadmill it was!


I just love this shirt…super comfy and perfectly long!


I ran and walked three miles and then finished up with some weights. I felt really good, though I definitely get tired much faster now. I need to start wearing my Garmin and heart rate monitor rather than relying on the machine’s monitor…I doubt it’s very accurate!

That makes two 3-mile runs this week and one Zumba class!! Hooray! It feels good to be moving again. Hopefully I can keep it up! My blood sugar has been going a little wacky lately and exercise definitely helps to regulate it. Keeping the numbers steady and normal is extremely important and it’s kind of stressing me out…we’ll get through it though! 🙂

I came home starving (I had a granola bar before the gym) and whipped up some eggs, toast, and sausage.


Not exactly heart healthy but it was delicious! Olive & rosemary bread is back! I think everyone has caught on to its deliciousness because I have a hard time getting a hold of a loaf…it’s pretty amazing.

I brewed some coffee and enjoyed a glass after I chilled it in the freezer for a while.


With non-fat milk and brown sugar, it was perfect.


No big plans for the rest of the day, though we might run to a few baby stores to figure out where we want to register. Reid is cleaning out the spare bedroom/nursery so we can paint! Still haven’t decided on a color though…

Is anyone in the middle of a renovation/home or furniture project? Please share!


Hi guys! I’ve missed you!

Words can’t even describe how insanely busy I’ve been…working three jobs and trying to combat sickness and fatigue, all while trying to keep up with healthy eating and exercise…um, yeah. But that’s okay! Things will calm down soon…I hope!

I’ll be 12 weeks tomorrow…only one week left in the first trimester! Hooray! I’m praying the nausea subsides soon and I can get back to eating normally. After a trip to the ER last week because of dehydration (from being so sick), I am now taking some medication when it gets really bad. At least I can keep some food down now! It’s obviously not ideal but not being able to eat anything isn’t either.

I’ve really struggled with fitting workouts in but hopefully things will slow down as my energy levels come back up. I actually got in an awesome gym session last night (45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights) and it felt so amazing. Though I did feel a little self conscious…I’m not obviously pregnant yet (obviously) but it’s getting harder to tighten my stomach muscles so I felt like people were thinking “someone’s been eating too much pie…better do another mile!” Leave me alone, okay? Winking smile 

I need to get this…

NEW! CoreFX Berry "Running for Two" Racerback Tank


After a morning of not feeling so hot I came home from work and crawled into bed. I had so much to do but just had to push it from my head because my body was screaming at me to just rest. So I did. For 3 hours. Pure bliss.

And then I made dinner. Another accomplishment! It also included a vegetable. Progress, folks! My poor husband has been living off of eggs and toast lately.


I randomly had some chicken thighs in the freezer so I decided to try something new…a quick Google search pulled up this recipe from for baked teriyaki chicken thighs…I had everything in the pantry so I was sold! It was really simple, though it took longer than I anticipated causing me to miss zumba…boo! But I guess it kind of redeemed itself because it really was delicious.


Paired with steamed broccoli and rice pilaf. And a side of vitamins. Yum.


Reid’s working late (which is why he couldn’t finish dinner) so I’m getting some work done and then snuggling up on the couch…with my awesome slippers. Reid groans every time I put them on. Open-mouthed smile


And because these make me laugh every time…

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Obviously from Pinterest

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a good week so far!

I had to work this morning and meals were quick and easy. Cereal for breakfast and soup at the office. I made a ham and cheddar chowder for dinner last night and it was amazing! I can’t wait to share the recipe…so simple, delicious, and filling. I’ve had trouble with chowders being grainy but this was anything but.

It was a beautiful day today so once home I changed, ate a pumpkin chip muffin for ‘fuel’ (or I just wanted to eat it, whichever you prefer) and headed out for a walk.


For some reason I have no interest running lately! I walked for about 40 minutes and listened to music…so relaxing! This is random but does anyone else need to let their wrists ‘breathe’ when working out? Even if it’s below zero, I have to push my sleeves up over my wrists or I feel almost claustrophobic…strange.


I did a quick weights session when I was done. I did three different moves, 3 sets of 20 reps each. I never know what the moves are called, though!


Reid was working late so rather than putting together a big dinner I just opted for an omelet.  It was stuffed with green peppers, mushrooms, ham, and cheddar cheese. With another muffin on the side. I could actually eat the whole batch, if I’m being honest.


It was devoured while watching some important shows, like Rachel Zoe. 😉

The X Factor is on tonight!! Love it or hate it?

I can’t wait to curl up with some hot chocolate!

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a great week!

I woke up to a rainy day and kind of just wanted to stay in bed! The thought of coffee got me up…it always does! My breakfast and lunch packed up for the office…


Cottage cheese, pineapple chunks, and an iced coffee for breakfast. A salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, half an avocado and some turkey. Honey balsamic dressing. Water. This has been the usual lately…easy to throw together and nutritious!

Trying to get an outfit shot quickly and while half asleep…hello, there! Open-mouthed smile


It was still raining when I got home so I decided to head to the gym for some treadmill time. I grabbed a few crackers and a few bites of cheesecake, straight from the pan. Perfect fuel, no? Winking smile

And even though I was just headed to the gym and not out for a rainy run, I still sported my new running jacket that I picked up from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. Safety yellow is totally my color…


It’s Nike and really lightweight…I love it! It will be great for when the weather cools (as an outer shell) and the days get shorter. No safety vest needed!


At the gym I ran three miles on the treadmill and did a short weight session. Nothing crazy but it still felt great!

It also felt great to step on the scale and see that I was down eight (!!) pounds from a few weeks ago! I try not to weigh myself often but I do like to do it every now and then just to make a note. I have some weight to lose but don’t really focus on it too much (I don’t diet), especially when training.

A few weeks ago I stepped on to see that I was up a few pounds and I was kind of disappointed. Reid commented that of course I had gained weight…I hadn’t been to the gym or out for a run in almost a month! Thanks, dear! Winking smile But in reality he was right and I didn’t let it get me down, I just changed things. More workouts, healthier meals! I don’t think the scale is ‘all-important’ but I do think it has its place, whether you’re trying to gain weight, lose it, or maintain!

Once home I threw together a quick dinner, chicken lo mein.


It was actually really good and I’ll share the recipe soon!


You may have noticed that my recipe page is down right now…I’m making some changes to how I share recipes so I took it down while I figure some things out. You can still find recipes by using the search feature in the sidebar.

Enjoy your evening!!

Did anyone else get a workout in today?

What is your favorite salad dressing…store-bought and/or homemade?

Hi friends! It’s almost Friday!! Woot!

I worked this morning and then stopped by the pool for a little bit. My mom had grilled some hotdogs so I ended up eating one for lunch. Once again, I wasn’t very hungry. I ended up eating some crackers by the pool too.

Thursday night is Zumba night! Love it! I go to a 5:30 class and look forward to it every week. I am finally getting the hang of all of the songs (well, except for the new ones she throws in there) so no more stumbling around! It was a great class and I did a quick 10 minute upper body strength session afterwards. My arms were surprisingly tired from the class!

I want to keep up with strength training during half marathon training and would like to do it at least twice a week…

Reid made dinner tonight…what a guy! Tacos were on the menu and I made up a taco salad to get my veggies in.


Yes, pickles. The best part!! Smile I couldn’t even finish it though…it was huge!


I’m now contemplating dessert…a peach, an apple, or a bowl of ice cream? In the meantime, I’ll just have a spoonful or two of deliciousness…I and love and you! Winking smile


I’m still loving this song…

For some reason all of the official videos are restricted from playing on WordPress…annoying! Anyone know a way around this?

What song(s) are you loving right now?

This is random but when I went to put the (s) on song this is what it did…Sleeping half-moon

Who knew? I’m easily amused (and clueless, I guess).

Goodnight! Sleeping half-moon

Open-mouthed smile

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