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Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great week!!


Yesterday was extremely productive! It felt so good to get so much done. I cleaned the house, top to bottom, and even got a quick run in before dinner.

Still loving my Lulus…


I ran 3 miles in 30:46 and felt great. Runs like this are why I love running! Though the tough ones are good too…

Once home I started on dinner…glazed pork chops with garlic parmesan quinoa and a fresh veggie plate to share (made by Reid…thanks, dear!). If you haven’t tried these pork chops yet, you should. So good!! The quinoa wasn’t all that great so I’m not going to share the recipe.



Very summery and delicious.

I worked from 9-3 today and packed breakfast and lunch:

  • low-fat cottage cheese, pineapple chunks (canned), and an iced coffee
  • a chopped salad with green peppers, tomatoes and avocado, topped with leftover pork, warmed and diced…holy yum. It was gone much too fast.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and treated myself to some flowers! Definitely making me smile today, though I’m not much of a florist…



And on a random fashion note, I’m kind of obsessed with this gold watch that I picked up at Aldo Accessories a few weeks ago…it goes perfectly with what I have in mind for Fall!


Ah, Fall…I can’t wait for apples, cooler weather, boots, pumpkin…I could go on and on!

Favorite part of autumn?


Hi guys! Hope you had an awesome 4th! I took the weekend off. Smile It was pretty busy but filled with good food and family! The best kind of holiday!

I snapped some random pictures throughout the weekend…

My breakfast as of late…plain cheerios with blueberries (and milk)! Delicious and easy.


Headed to a bridal shower on Saturday…Gap shirt and shorts, Ruehl belt (really old), and Old Navy flip flops.


One of the best burgers I’ve ever had, courtesy of Reid. With chips and soda, of course! Winking smile Not very healthy but very good.


Pre-run fuel…the only exercise I got all weekend, other than walking to get ice cream Smile…I planned to do a 3.5 mile loop but headed in after 2 miles with a really bad cramp. At least I got to stretch my legs!



A huge salad for lunch today! I was craving veggies and wolfed it down in no time…usually I get sick of eating my salads before they’re gone but not so today! Yum!


How was your weekend?

Top Three Tuesday- What are your three favorite vegetables?

  • Cucumbers
  • Kale
  • Bell Peppers

Is gold…


Happy Friday!! And it’s a three-day weekend too!! Yippee! Work passed by quickly and I stopped for a treat on the way home since my lunch was a little light (yogurt and fruit). It’s a good day. Smile


Coffee Oreo ice cream…so delicious…and gone. I was going to get a manicure too but decided to do my nails myself with some Sally Hansen Salon Effects that I picked up the other day.


They are strips of nail polish that you press on and cut to size! I saw them on The Fitnessista and was excited to try them. The verdict? Pretty sweet! They were pretty easy to put on and I like the look…I’m not sure how long they’ll last, though. They have them in different prints but that’s not really my style…


Fun and girly! Reid and I are headed out on a date! I really want some salmon for dinner but I’m not sure where we’ll end up. I need to pick up a gift for a shower so a little shopping will be involved.

I wore this outfit to work today so I’m a little wrinkled but I thought I’d share!

The fashion fix


Blouse- H&M

Belt- Gap

Skinny Jeans- Joe’s

Flip-Flops- Old Navy

Earrings- Francesca’s Collection



All of these pieces have been staples lately, including the pony tail! Laid back and easy…

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Do you get manicures/pedicures regularly?

No plans yet for us! And I would hit up the salon weekly if money wasn’t a factor. Winking smile I probably go about once a month, if that.

When it comes to my personal style, I pull inspiration from many sources. Whether it be other blogs (Cupcakes and Cashmere and 9 to 5 Chic are my favorites right now) websites (, magazines (People Style Watch is one of my favorites), or random people on the street, I love seeing different trends and outfit combos, and how people dress to compliment their body type.

I feel like how we dress is another form of expressing our creativity and I love coming up with different outfits, usually using some of the same pieces.


I like to think my style runs towards classic with a twist. I love finding pieces that I can wear for years, but also like to throw in a trendy item here and there. Some things I’m loving right now are loose button-ups, thin cardigans, dark skinny jeans, gold accessories, cuffed denim, stripes, and wedges.

When it comes to celebrities, I think I pull the most inspiration from Reese Witherspoon. She always looks so chic, wearing mostly classic and timeless pieces, yet even when following trends always looks so effortless and beautiful. My bangs were even inspired by one of her hairstyles!

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon


I love a bargain and normally won’t buy anything for full price. I do splurge a bit on designer denim but usually make up for it by being frugal in other areas. I am more likely to spend a bit more on something that I will wear for a while (like jeans and handbags) than something that may be ‘out’ by the end of the month. I don’t always follow trends but when I do, I tend to look to stores like Forever 21 since they are usually cheap enough to warrant only a few wears of a certain trendy item. Thrift stores are great too!


Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21 (last year)

I have to remind myself sometimes that even if I like the look of something, I need to stay true to my body type. One example: rompers. I love them and think they look great on others but they do nothing to compliment my thighs. 🙂 If I’m not confident in an outfit, it definitely shows…and it’s not worth it!

Do you have a celebrity style inspiration? Are there any trends that you shy away from?

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend!

As promised, I have a little Fashion Fix post for you…though this one is a little different.

It all starts (and ends) with a little green blazer. My sisters and I were out shopping a while ago and stopped into a thrift store. We’ve had some luck finding designer jeans and such at this one in the past so we were hoping for some goodies. I didn’t find any jeans on that trip but did happen upon this Saks Fifth Avenue blazer for $7.99. They all laughed when I said I was getting it.



I almost put it back but figured for that price I had to get it.

So, I decided to put a post together styling the blazer in three different ways…for you, and for my sisters. I love the color (Kelly green maybe?), it fits pretty well (could be taken in a bit on the torso), and the shoulders are fabulous. It looks a little too boxy when buttoned so it would need to be taken in a bit before wearing it that way. It could use a good dry cleaning though, as it smells a little, uh, musty. Smile

Casually Classic


Striped Shirt- Stem (via Nordstrom)

Jeans- Joe’s Jeans

Necklace- TJ Maxx (brand unknown)

Flats- Tahari (via TJ Maxx)


English Country Chic


White and Black Tanks- H&M

Necklace- TJ Maxx (brand unknown)

Jeans- Joe’s Jeans

Boots- Coach (via eBay)


9 to 5 (maybe…if jeans are allowed)


White Ruffled Silk Tank- Ann Taylor Loft

Skinny Belt- J. Crew

Jeans- Citizen’s of Humanity

Platform Heels- Target


(Wanted to show off the back, not my, umm, rear view. Smile)

Well, I hope I didn’t bore you to death! I would mix and match the tops and bottoms too, since they’re all pretty basic. I like them all but the first one is my favorite (I’m wearing it today). I think a chunky gold watch would complete the look, even though it would only peek out. I need one.

And sorry about the boring background…I don’t have a tripod and this is really the only place that I can prop my camera up at the right height.

Do you shop at thrift/consignment stores? Any fantastic finds recently?

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