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Hi all!

Matilda is still sick…she’s been fighting a fever today but it’s not too high so hopefully it’ll go away soon! I feel so bad for her! She was up every couple of hours last night so we got off to a slow start this morning.

Happily playing after a dose of medicine!


When we finally sat down to eat breakfast it was 11:00 and I was starving. Reid whipped up a fresh juice for me (he stuck with coffee Winking smile) while I manned the stove. What a guy!


Apple, carrot, spinach, and cucumber…it was amazing.

I made us eggs, bacon, and hash browns…they were equally delicious.


Topped it off with some of this!


So good.

We’ve just been hanging out at home…I convinced Reid to finally paint the office/den! The Eighties called and wanted their paneling back.


We got one coat of primer on and called it a day. I hate painting! Hopefully we can get it done quickly, though, because our living room currently looks like this.


It’s a bad situation.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far! Our house was in much need of a cleaning so I made my list and started bright and early…okay, so maybe it was 9:00 before I rolled out of bed…whatever. I need to enjoy it now, right?

We are pretty low on groceries so I whipped up a smoothie and an english muffin. Very filling and so very good.


I never measure the ingredients for smoothies and always end up with too much. Thankfully Reid finished off the extra serving. Into the blender went milk, french vanilla yogurt, spinach, vanilla protein powder and frozen blueberries and raspberries. Quite the protein punch!


Guess who’s back?


Hello, my love. I’ve missed you.

After chowing down I powered through my list and finished up some other work that I had been putting off. Reid was busy in the nursery…we started with this…



And finished with this!




I can’t seem to get away from this shade of green!! We originally planned on a yellow and gray color scheme but I kept going back to this color. It’s very similar to our downstairs bathroom, even though we picked out a new color (Behr Lemongrass). I can’t remember the name of the lighter color but I used the roll of linen in the picture as my inspiration. I was trying to describe to Reid what I was looking for and all I could come up with was ‘oatmeal.’ Yes, I think in food.

I guess it’s just my color! You can see it splashed around our house in this tour I did a while ago. I’ve since switched out our comforter set on our bed and will probably use the one pictured on the bed in the nursery. I’m all for repurposing and reusing.

I can’t wait to start setting up furniture and getting the rest of the décor!

Do you find yourself drawn to a particular color?

Hi friends! Any big plans for the weekend? I’ve had to work for the past few Saturdays so I’m excited that I have today off.

Why is it that I drag myself out of bed every weekday morning but on the weekends I can’t sleep in?? I have been really tired lately so I planned on sleeping in as long as I could. Well, my eyes popped open at 7:00 and I couldn’t fall back asleep.

I decided to take advantage of it and headed to the gym for an early morning run. It was pretty chilly outside and I didn’t feel like dealing with a jacket, tights, gloves, a head warmer, and a runny nose so the treadmill it was!


I just love this shirt…super comfy and perfectly long!


I ran and walked three miles and then finished up with some weights. I felt really good, though I definitely get tired much faster now. I need to start wearing my Garmin and heart rate monitor rather than relying on the machine’s monitor…I doubt it’s very accurate!

That makes two 3-mile runs this week and one Zumba class!! Hooray! It feels good to be moving again. Hopefully I can keep it up! My blood sugar has been going a little wacky lately and exercise definitely helps to regulate it. Keeping the numbers steady and normal is extremely important and it’s kind of stressing me out…we’ll get through it though! 🙂

I came home starving (I had a granola bar before the gym) and whipped up some eggs, toast, and sausage.


Not exactly heart healthy but it was delicious! Olive & rosemary bread is back! I think everyone has caught on to its deliciousness because I have a hard time getting a hold of a loaf…it’s pretty amazing.

I brewed some coffee and enjoyed a glass after I chilled it in the freezer for a while.


With non-fat milk and brown sugar, it was perfect.


No big plans for the rest of the day, though we might run to a few baby stores to figure out where we want to register. Reid is cleaning out the spare bedroom/nursery so we can paint! Still haven’t decided on a color though…

Is anyone in the middle of a renovation/home or furniture project? Please share!

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! I’ve been meaning to put this post together for a while now and finally got the pictures together to properly document it.

In 2008, Reid and I bought a house. An old, sad-looking house. I can still remember the smell of it just by looking at the ‘before’ pictures. Reid put in many, many hours in the months leading up to our wedding (June 2009) completely re-modeling it, inside and out, with help from family and friends.

When he was done, basically the only things left from the original house were the foundation, frame, and hardwood floors (refinished, of course). I don’t think an inch went untouched!

Here’s a look into our first house, before and after! The outside was redone as well but I’m not posting those pictures for security reasons.

Dining Room/Entry/Living Room- Before:








Office/Den- Before:




Kitchen- Before:




Bathroom #1:


Laundry Room:



Master Bedroom- Before:



Bathroom #2:


Guest Bedroom- Before:



Please ignore the random furnishings in this room…it was thrown together quickly for a guest and normally is just storage. Smile

It has changed a little bit… Winking smile Still a work-in-progress but I feel like we’re getting there! I have big plans for the office/den (including painting or pulling out the wood paneling) and the guest bedroom needs some furniture but we’ll get to it someday…I’ve found that my taste/style has been slowly evolving so it’s good to take things slowly when buying décor/furnishings.

Do you own a home? Any house projects going on?

he saith unto them, but whom say ye that I am? and Simon peter answered and said, thou art the Christ, the son of the living god.                                                            Matthew 16:15-16

A few random things that are making me smile today…

Books, books…


And more books!


Tiny tomatoes from the garden.


New workout clothes…so motivating!


Freshly baked cookies…the perfect baking endeavor for a summer night…easy breezy and clean-up is a snap! But kind of negates the point listed above. 😉


A rearranged corner in our living room…it’s the simple things!


What is making you smile today?

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