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Hi guys! I know it’s been a long time and I’m not even sure if anyone is still reading but I just wanted to pop in to say hello! We are all doing well and time is passing too quickly. Matilda is already ten months!

We’ve been having fun and are trying to enjoy every minute.

I mainly wanted to stop in to say that I’m finally going to be making some changes around here…I’m in the process of creating a new blog and I can’t wait to show it to you! I may end up just completely scrapping this blog but I’ll redirect you if that’s the case. It’s going to be more food-focused, with more delicious recipes and less boring daily eats and workouts. Even I was getting sick of that! I’ve been making some great meals that I can’t wait to share! The new blog will feature other interests too but just hopefully have more of a creative vibe than Will Run for Food.

Thanks for sticking around and hopefully the new site will be ready to launch in the next few weeks! Get excited.


I have been taking pictures and writing posts in my head for a few weeks now, with full intentions of blogging, but I just haven’t followed through. I think part of it was that I had so much to catch up on that I just didn’t know where to start! A few notes:

  • I quit my job to stay home with Matilda. She was having a rough time at the babysitter’s and we just decided it wasn’t fair to her to spend three days a week crying all day. She just likes to be home so that’s where we’ll be for a while! I’m still working from home for a few clients but it’s not too many hours a week and I just work during naptime.
  • She’s is almost 6 months old! Time is flying. She’s changing so much and it’s so fun to watch her learn new things.
  • I’ve been trying to run or work out 3-4 times a week. Sometimes it’s just a walk with the stroller and a session with some hand weights but at least it’s something! I ended up cancelling my gym membership since it’s just not worth it right now.
  • I’m looking into making some changes on the blog (maybe a new name and everything)! The content will mostly be the same though (if I can actually get around to posting)…

So, I’ll try to resume regular posts tomorrow! See you then! 🙂

If you have any suggestions or comments on blog topics/content (either stuff you like and want to see more of or stuff you can live with out) please let me know!! I love feedback!

Hi friends! I had to check the date on my last post to see when I was here last and couldn’t believe that it’s been four months!! Crazy. It’s been so busy and hectic but things are starting to slow down now.

We went from this…


To this…


And, finally, this!



I would need to write a novel to fully describe what we went through but I’ll just give a quick run-down for you.

  • I went in for my weekly appointment on Monday, April 30th, and was admitted after the non stress test showed that I was having contractions. I couldn’t feel them and felt fine. They started me on medication to try to stop the contractions since I was only 34 weeks.
  • My blood pressure began to elevate but I was able to spend the next night at home, on bed rest. It was also the night of my shower which I sadly did not get to attend.
  • We returned to the hospital the next day to start a series of steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs to develop more quickly. I received 4 shots over the next 48 hours, as well as the medication to stop labor.
  • On Friday it became evident that I was developing pre-eclampsia and I was transferred to a hospital an hour and a half away that was better suited to deal with a high-risk pregnancy and a premature baby.
  • The next four days involved about seven different IV lines, multiple rounds of Miso (similar to Cervadil), continuous fetal monitoring, and many, many doses of Pitocin. My body was clearly not ready to deliver a baby but because of the pre-eclampsia (which was progressing rapidly and causing my kidneys to start to shut down) we couldn’t just wait it out on bed rest.
  • Finally on Tuesday morning things started to progress. Labor moved along fairly quickly at this point and I delivered a healthy baby girl at 2:15 pm!




Matilda Evelyn was born on May 8th, weighing in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces and 18.5 inches long! She was 5 1/2 weeks early and had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks to work on eating and to lower her bilirubin levels (causes jaundice).

Being a mother has been incredible…incredibly amazing and incredibly exhausting! Smile It’s still sinking in (after 7 weeks) that we have a daughter! It’s definitely nothing that you can ever prepare for but it’s so worth it…she fits into our lives perfectly and I already can’t imagine it without her!








(Last four photos by Amber Joy Photography)

Hi guys! Well, I definitely didn’t plan on being gone for that long! Is anyone still here? Smile

Lots of changes have been taking place, the most important one being…


Reid and I are having a baby!!!


It’s still sinking in but we are so incredibly excited! Lord willing, he/she is due to arrive on June 15th and I’m a little over 9 weeks along.

Why no blogging? Well, if you want to see a picture of a bagel with cream cheese three times a day then sure…okay, maybe not three but that seems to be the only thing I can keep down lately. The sickness has been pretty bad and I had to stop reading food blogs for a while, since just the sight of most foods made me nauseous. I haven’t been running much but am still trying to get some exercise in…it’s even more important now to keep fit and healthy!!

I’m not sure what this means for the blog…just taking one day at a time! Hopefully I’ll be back to posting soon but with work and my business, it’s a pretty busy time.

Thanks for reading!!

I just watched this video today and really felt compelled to share it…very powerful message!

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