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Some random pictures from the weekend…

Vanilla bean greek yogurt


It’s as awesome as it sounds. 


Apple, spinach, and carrot juice



So good I had it twice


Whipped cinnamon cream cheese frosting for a pumpkin roll



It was a delicious weekend… 😉

Breakfast this morning was a jalapeño egg wrap (two scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and jalapeños) and a glass of milk. 


Followed by some yoga while watching the weather…very zen. 😉


We are just waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit…hopefully it won’t be too bad!

Stay safe!


Howdy! How’s your weekend coming along?

Reid and I went out to dinner last night for my birthday to the Bedford Village Inn. It was amazing! I didn’t take any photos but I dined on fresh bread, clam chowder, an amazing pork shank dish with lentils and spinach and chocolate molten cake for dessert. Everything was delicious and indulgent! A perfect birthday dinner!

We went to church this morning and then came home to hang out and relax…I win the award for most boring lunches and had a ham and feta sandwich with an orange…so good but very repetitive! I didn’t bother taking a picture because you’ve surely seen it before! 🙂

I made cookies this afternoon and then decided to pop in the P90X yoga DVD. It’s 90 minutes long so we probably won’t be doing it during the week…or at least not the whole thing!


I think the longest yoga workout I’ve done has been 45 minutes so this was pretty intense! I made it through most of it though and was very proud! I even attempted crane pose and held it for a whole couple of seconds! 😀


Yes, I fell on my head a few times but that’s beside the point…

After yoga my blood sugar level dropped really low (35) so I quickly drank some juice and ate a cookie…or two…or three! 🙂 I wasn’t counting.

After it came back up I made some dinner…I must’ve been lacking protein!

An over-easy egg, sautéed spinach (in olive oil and topped with some Garlic Gold nuggets), and some baked beans.


An odd combo but it totally hit the spot…I need to eat spinach like this more often! Yum!

Time to get ready for the week ahead! An early morning workout calls for an early bedtime…I may even head there now! Yawn.

A few of my girlfriends have been getting together to workout so I have joined them for the past two days just for something different. We did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Level 2…a great workout if you can handle her! 🙂

I had to work this morning but had the afternoon off so I rolled out my mat, planning for some yoga On Demand. And we are still figuring out the living room situation…


Flipping through, I found a piloxing workout (a combo of pilates and boxing) and decided to try it out. It was only 20 minutes but I really enjoyed it! I find some cardio videos hard to follow but I was able to do all of the moves and it got my heart rate up!


I still wanted to get some yoga in and settled on Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown (On Demand) since it was one of the shorter ones (30 minutes, I think). She mixes yoga with aerobic movements to get your heart rate up…I enjoyed this too! I got to try some new poses (camel) and even was able to complete some balancing ones (warrior 3)…I was quite pleased with myself! 🙂


Some friends and I are planning on starting P90X in a couple weeks so I might put my gym membership on hold and see how that goes. I’m really enjoying doing something different than running and/or the gym! We would do it 5 days a week and take before and after pictures, weight, and measurements to track our progress! Should be fun! We will just be doing the workout, not the nutrition plan.

Time to make dinner! I’m in a pancake kind of mood…

So, I’ve been meaning to write a post about my weight loss journey for a while now and am finally getting around to it! This is only to give you a peek into what has worked for me…it may not work for you and it may not be right for you, so keep that in mind!

In 2010 I reached an all-time high in weight and my BMI rose into the overweight range. I try not to focus too much on the scale and more on how I feel and how my clothes fit but I felt really down about myself and hated every photo taken of me…and would erase or throw away most of them! This picture from Easter just made me cringe.


I wanted to feel good about myself again! I really wanted to improve on my running pace but the extra weight was making it difficult. I have found that running does not exactly help me to lose weight…it is great for fitness and cardio health for me but I found that I was always hungry and supplemented the running with more (too many) calories. I needed to work other forms of exercise into my routine.

You’ve probably heard the line “abs are made in the kitchen”…so true! And for me, it was mostly portion control. The quality of the food I was eating may not have been bad, but I was just eating too much. Even with running regularly the pounds crept on.

I started out by tracking my caloric intake for a few weeks, just to see where I stood (I used Spark People for this). From there, I started measuring my portions. While I knew that I probably wouldn’t stick with the tracking and measuring for a long period of time, it was crucial in getting me to acknowledge my intake. I used portioned containers to pack lunches to additionally help with portion control.


Whatever I did, I knew I wanted to do it in a healthful manner…no fad diets, cleanses, shakes, or bars! I started reading ingredient lists on packaged foods (and was scared by what I found). A healthy weight loss is about 1-2 pounds a week so I kept that in mind, not expecting major changes right away. I focused on eating real, healthy food.

For me, it was a lifestyle change, not a diet…I wanted to change for the better and remain that way. Other healthy living blogs really helped by giving me new recipes and different ways to prepare real food. Through them I was introduced to foods that I probably would’ve never touched before like kale, green monsters and brussell sprouts.

I started using my gym membership more to strength train, in addition to running. It helped me not get too burned out and switching it up helped me to stay motivated. Fueling my body with the right foods has been essential in making sure I have enough energy while working out, and prevents over-eating afterwards!

It has taken a while but the weight has slowly started to go. Now ten pounds lighter, I’m about halfway to my goal weight but really, that’s not my focus now. I love the way changing my eating habits have made me feel! My running pace has improved, my clothes are a bit looser, and I no longer delete all of my pictures.


My focus now is on fueling my body with whole, natural (and organic when possible) foods and staying fit through running, yoga, strength training and whatever else I find I enjoy. I love to bake so I still do it, I just watch my consumption of the treats. 🙂



It’s all about the balance.

It’s all about the balance, right? I have been really wanting to try salted caramel brownies for a while now and decided to make some today…oh my! They are scrumptious!


I dressed for the gym this morning but it didn’t work this time! Instead, I headed to the grocery store to get a few things for an order for next week…and what I needed to make these brownies (Eat the Fridge fail)! The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman…I’ll do a full post sometime soon.

If you make them, I take no blame if you eat the whole pan! 🙂

I was feeling a little guilty for skipping out on the gym so I decided to do some yoga at home…using the Fitnessista’s yoga-inspired workout video. I did it twice and it was a great little workout!



Probably still shaking from all of the lunges and planks. 😉

Hope your weekend is spectacular!

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