Hi guys! I am so not ready for this blistery weather!! I kept waking up last night because I was so cold, even though I cranked up the heat. Or maybe it was a crying baby that kept waking me up…sigh. Where did my sleepy girl go?

For breakfast I made an egg wrap with two eggs, cheddar, and jalapenos.


A perfect breakfast!

I just realized that I haven’t exercised in a week! Yikes! I’m sure it’s contributing to my lack of energy and I really need to make time for it. My go-to workout is usually a run and since it’s too cold to take baby along, I’ve fallen into a rut. I’ve been wanting to try Insanity so maybe I should order it. Has anyone tried it? I really liked P90X but this seems super intense…

Mid-morning I headed to the polls to cast my vote…did you? I was in and out quickly…no lines! One advantage to a small town! On the way home I stopped to grab an iced coffee and some frozen yogurt…not the best choice on a chilly day!

Iced Americano with milk, sugar and a squirt of pumpkin syrup…


and pumpkin yogurt with fruit, granola, and coconut! I remembered to take a picture after I ate it… Smile It was really good.


The pumpkin trend continues!

And now I’m seeing that we could get snow this week! NO!!!

Has anyone tried Insanity? What did you think?

Make sure you vote!!


It’s been a quiet day over here! We decided to stay home from church since Tilly still isn’t back to normal yet and watched it online instead. The extra hour of sleep was glorious, wasn’t it?

Reid made us breakfast this morning and whipped up some omelets…two eggs, bacon, tons of veggies, and cheddar.


Very tasty, indeed. He also made fresh juice…with pretty much every veggie we had in the fridge!


‘Orange juice’, made with carrots, celery, tomato, apple, pear, spinach, and who knows what else! It was…healthy. 😉 It wasn’t horrible but I do prefer the other combo we’ve been making. I also had a pumpkin iced coffee but didn’t take a picture…I’m sure you can imagine what that looked like.

I decided to make a pasty for lunch, at Reid’s request. I’ve never made them before but we had them occasionally growing up (I don’t think my mom ever made them…she would buy them from someone at our church). It’s a meat and veggie hand pie of sorts, though I chose to make it in a pie dish rather than make individual ones. My mother-in-law makes it this way so I decided to give it a whirl!

Ready for the oven…


While it was baking, I ate a tootsie roll to hold me over…I was so hungry!


Didn’t exactly do the trick but it was still good! 🙂 It was the last of the leftover Halloween candy and I’m glad it’s gone.



Served with ketchup since that’s how we always ate it. It was delicious and I went back for seconds. Total comfort food!


We are heading to my parents’ house soon for family night! Enjoy your evening!

Hi all!

Matilda is still sick…she’s been fighting a fever today but it’s not too high so hopefully it’ll go away soon! I feel so bad for her! She was up every couple of hours last night so we got off to a slow start this morning.

Happily playing after a dose of medicine!


When we finally sat down to eat breakfast it was 11:00 and I was starving. Reid whipped up a fresh juice for me (he stuck with coffee Winking smile) while I manned the stove. What a guy!


Apple, carrot, spinach, and cucumber…it was amazing.

I made us eggs, bacon, and hash browns…they were equally delicious.


Topped it off with some of this!


So good.

We’ve just been hanging out at home…I convinced Reid to finally paint the office/den! The Eighties called and wanted their paneling back.


We got one coat of primer on and called it a day. I hate painting! Hopefully we can get it done quickly, though, because our living room currently looks like this.


It’s a bad situation.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Hey guys! I’m dealing with a sick baby over here…poor thing has a nasty cold (stuffy nose, hoarse voice, and goopy eyes…the works!).

I’ll be back tomorrow as long as she’s feeling better!

Enjoy your day!

Reid had the day off due to the hurricane so we spent the day hanging out at home. He watched Matilda this morning and I went on a solo run! It was pretty awesome, though I do like running with the stroller too. It was a little windy but the sun was out and it actually got hot!

I put on the Glee Pandora station and three miles flew by. I didn’t wear my Garmin but it took me about 35 minutes. I wasn’t pushing it at all and walked when I felt like it. 😉 It was so relaxing, and just what I needed. My arms were still sore from the sun salutations yesterday so I skipped the weights afterwards.

When I made my lunch yesterday I cut up some extra veggies for another salad. I need to do this more often! I know it doesn’t take too much time to make a salad but it’s so convenient to have it ready to go in the fridge (I don’t really care for the salad mixes that you can buy). It makes healthy eating much more probable when it’s already prepared!


I made another crispy chicken salad with honey mustard.


And sipped an iced coffee…of course it was pumpkin.


Dinner also utilized pre-cut veggies. I bought this huge bag of chopped kale and it’s very handy! I need to add it to my next juice…you can really add it to anything! Kale is awesome! 🙂


Reid and I worked together in the kitchen and this zuppa toscana came together quickly.


This soup is my favorite but I really need to try something else…it’s the only one I ever make! We ate it with crusty bread and it was amazing.


This is really random but I ran to Rite Aid for some Halloween candy after Tilly went to sleep and picked up these tights…I got four pairs for $8.58! I love surprise deals and the colors are awesome, and they’re opaque! Reid has always said that I could shop in a convenience store and…it’s kind of true! It’s even worse now since a solo trip anywhere is a little treat and I wandered around the drug store for 30 minutes, just looking! 🙂


I’ll probably have some chocolate for dessert and then I’m going to crash. Maybe I’ve been getting too much sleep…I’ve been exhausted lately!

Any soup recipes that I should try?

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